The Window Center, as a sales and service organization, has earned a reputation for quality products, professional service, and customer satisfaction. This reputation is our pledge of assurance to you. We believe that the best warranty is the one you never have to use. Our priority has always been to provide quality products and services that exceed your expectations. While our products are built to provide years of satisfaction, should you ever have any problems with your products, this policy represents our commitment to address and fairly resolve them.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Please refer to the appropriate manufacturer’s warranty to determine your warranty coverage. For our clients, we offer claim coordination at no charge. If a defect in materials or workmanship covered under a manufacturer’s warranty is brought to our attention, we will obtain replacement part(s) or product(s) from the appropriate manufacturer for customer pick up. For one year from the date of sale, we will repair the product at no charge (After the first year, there may be a charge for labor. Please refer to the appropriate manufacturer’s labor coverage provisions. Any repair parts covered under the manufacturer’s warranty will be provided by the manufacturer during the entire warranty period).

Product Finishing

Finishing, staining, painting and final cleaning of all warranty replacement part(s) or service(s) are the responsibility of the customer. Please refer to the manufacturers warranty for further details.

Your comfort, security, and satisfaction are our greatest reward. We sincerely appreciate your trust.

Andersen Warranty Information

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